Youth Bowling Program


Come join us this fall for our Youth Bowling Program.  This program is available for youth’s between 4 & 21.  Our program runs on Saturday’s at 10:00 am.  This is a friendly, fun activity that everyone can participate in.  We offer 5 pin & 10 pin youth programs.  Please note: bumpers are not used in these programs.  Our program offers such fun and exciting things such as in-center & out of center tournaments, fun days such as Dress up days etc.  The great thing about our youth program is that the participants can pre-bowl when they can not make it on a Saturday! Its the best of both worlds!

Official registration dates:     Wednesday, August 29, 2018 & September 5, 2018  4-8pm

Five pin registration fee: $40.00 per registrant.

Ten pin registration fee: $50.00 per registrant. ( includes CTF sanction fee)

All participants will receive a lanyard, swag tags throughout the season for their achievements.

Registering on the official registration dates come with a bonus!  Each youth registered and in attendance will receive a free game of bowling, free shoe rental, choice of a small pop or slushie, and the choice of a bag of chips or a chocolate bar.  This bonus must be redeemed the day of registration, no carry forwards permitted.  Registration is permitted any other time but the bonus will not be included.

Cost per week:  The cost per week for bowling is $13.00 per youth Hst included.  Shoe    rental is $1.00 per week.  Three games will be bowled each week.  Coaching staff will be available – No experience necessary! We will help get the kids started!