Group/Catering Menus


Appetizer Tray (for 10-15 people)
Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Spring Rolls, and Perogies served hot on a platter with sour cream
and ranch dipping sauces

Veggie Trays (for 10-12 people)
Various vegetables   with Dipping Sauce

Wrap Trays (for 12-15 people)
Chicken Caesar, Ham, and Roast Beef cold cut wraps

Cheese Trays

Platter of assorted cheeses with variety of crackers
(small) & (large)

Meat and Cheese Snack Tray (for 10-12 People)
Kolbassa, Polish Sausage, and assorted cheeses with crackers

Sandwich Tray (for 10-12 people)
Sliced cold cuts and cheese on white and brown bread (ham, turkey and roast beef)

Bread Boat with Spinach Dip (for 10-15 people)
Slices of bread around a loaf of pumpernickel with spinach dip

Meatballs (100 pieces)

Nachos topped with Queso Cheese (for 10-12 people)

Devilled Eggs (50 pieces)

Dessert – Sweets Trays
Assorted squares, donuts, and danishes
(small for 10-12 people) & (large for 15-20 people)

Food packages are available with enough notice upon booking.

We will do our best to work with you to create a package that suits your needs.
All prices are subject to change
Please note a deposit is required when booking any food option, no matter the
size of your party.